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Damage Recon brings a flexible and lucrative business model to home inspectors. Earn additional income performing simple, guided property inspections to assist in the claims process. The skills and tools you utilize as a home inspector are the same ones you’ll harness as a Damage Recon Inspector. We empower you to take control of your work life. Receive fast payment and choose your assignments – when, where, and how many. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to bring a fast, convenient, and positive experience to property owners in your community.

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Damage Recon provides the fastest, most affordable and most accurate way to resolve property claims by harnessing the knowledge and experience of our home inspector network and the power of mobile technology. Here’s how it works. Our skilled Damage Recon home inspectors are alerted to claims assignments in their area. They perform guided property inspections, capturing the images, measurements, and other documentation necessary for desk adjusters to process the claim. All necessary property information is sent through a secure platform, and on-site data is in the desk adjuster’s hands within 72 hours of the claim submission to Damage Recon. We make it easy and affordable to deploy a skilled workforce without the time and costs involved in training and onboarding.

What makes Damage Recon different from other labor networks?

Skilled Workforce

We partner only with experienced home inspectors, who have unique skills that qualify them to identify and accurately document property damage related to a claim. From roofing to framing to foundations, our home inspectors are skilled and experienced at identifying damages to building systems and materials.

Quality Data

Powered by Donan, our technology is designed for thorough and accurate data collection, and all of our reports undergo a stringent quality review process to guarantee you’re getting the high-quality data you need to close the claim.

Subrogation Partner

You’ll no longer have to rely on someone who doesn’t understand the importance of subrogation, doesn’t know what to look for, or doesn’t know what to do when they think an opportunity exists.

Evidence Collection

Evidence collection is a breeze when you rely on Damage Recon. We partner with Loss Logistics – the industry’s first nationwide company focused exclusively on evidence collection, shipping, handling and storage. Our white-glove service ensures an accurate chain of custody and processes to avoid spoliation. We’re the professional “easy button” for your property claims evidence collection.

Homeowners insurance is your partner when bad things happen to your home. But they can’t do their job without fast, accurate information about your property damage. That’s where Damage Recon comes in. We’re experienced home inspectors who want to help you bring your home back to its pre-loss condition as fast as possible. We quickly get to you, document the damages, and send this information to your insurance adjuster quickly, so they can help you move on. We play an important role for you and your insurance company when speed, accuracy, and experience with property damage are essential to success.

Damage Recon is a great way to earn additional income and help homeowners in your community.

- American Society of Home Inspectors

The Damage Recon professionals understand how to document damages on site, so we get accurate information and quick results on our claims.

- Insurance Adjuster

The Damage Recon representative made me feel at ease with the inspection process and was courteous and helpful while in our home.

- Home Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The amount paid per inspection will vary, but will typically range from $125-$150 per inspection. Each notification of an available inspection will contain the pay amount for that inspection, so you will know the exact amount that you will be paid for an inspection before you accept it.
Inspections will typically require around 1 hour onsite to complete.
You get to decide! Notifications of available inspections will include the general location of the inspection. By default, we will send you notifications of any available inspection within approximately 30 miles of your location.
You do! Once you accept an inspection, you will be sent the homeowner's contact information. You will then call the homeowner to schedule the day and time for the inspection.
Each inspection must be scheduled and completed within 2 days from the time you accept it.
The primary tool you will need is a smart phone or tablet to utilize our inspection app which will walk you through each inspection. Additional simple tools you may need include a measuring tape, a flashlight, or a ladder - all of which you likely already have as a home inspector.
Each inspection will be completed utilizing our inspection app which will provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through each inspection. In general, each inspection will consist of taking photos and videos to document damage to the home, as well as taking measurements and recording notes with details about the damaged areas and materials, which are needed to estimate the cost of repairing the damage.

For each inspection you will only need to inspect the portions of the house with damage related to the insurance claim - you do not need to inspect the entire house for all types of damage or other unrelated issues.
No. You will only need to inspect the portion of the house with damage related to the insurance claim.
You will be notified by email and text message when an inspection is available within approximately 30 miles of your home location. The first inspector to accept the assignment will be assigned to the inspection and will receive all pertinent details for the inspection through the inspection app.
No. As soon as you complete the inspection, all photos, videos, and notes are synced to our system, and we take care of preparing the final report for our client. Once you finish the inspection your work is complete.
We will provide you with online training and information on what to expect and how to complete inspections, along with guidance to assist you with installing the app and training on how to use the app.

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